Advanced Features of Wuling Air EV

In the midst of the Wuling Air EV Media Drive activity titled ‘Green Mobility Experience – Creative City Journey’ which was held on Monday (19/9), Wuling Motors underlined a variety of advanced features that journalists who participated in the activity could try directly. Starting from the typical features of Wuling, to the ease of charging the battery.

During the test drive which took the Wuling Center – Talassa Restaurant (PIK2) – Nature Tourism Park (PIK) – BNI City Station – Rumah Wijaya (Kebayoran Baru) – Senayan Park route, journalists had the opportunity to experience various convenience features along the way. .

Among the distinctive features of Wuling is the Indonesian voice command feature, Wuling Indonesian Command (WIND). Starting from setting the air conditioner with the command “Hello Wuling, I’m hot” which was immediately responded with an answer stating that the temperature had been lowered by two degrees Celsius. We can also do the same to operate windows, phones, online applications, volume, time to music.

In addition, Air EV is also equipped with the Wuling Remote Control App via the Internet of Vehicle (IoV) remote control feature. This facility allows users to access the vehicle and its features through the MyWuling+ application installed on the smartphone. Users can start the vehicle, open or lock the door, to cool the cabin through the smartphone screen. The charging status and remaining battery power of Air EV can also be seen from the main screen of the application.

In addition to smartphones, IoV can also be accessed via a 10.25-inch head unit located on the dashboard. Users can access Online Messaging and Online Navigation on the head unit with the help of Indonesian voice commands.

Not only that, users can send and receive messages easily through the online messaging function without interrupting the driving process. This is due to the support of the WIND feature which reads or writes messages with voice commands to maintain user concentration while driving.

Wuling Air EV is also equipped with an Integrated Floating Widescreen which is divided into a 10.25-inch instrument cluster screen and a head unit of the same size. In the Wuling electric vehicle head unit, there are various features that can be accessed by users, namely air conditioning, radio, music, and vehicle control. In addition, this wide screen also serves to display the image of the Rear Parking Camera with help lines to make it easier for users when parking.

Regarding the head unit, there is also a navigation menu as a direction and power center to determine battery usage and mileage, including adjusting the strength of regenerative braking to improve and adjust to the driving style of the driver.

Wuling Motors Product Planning Danang Wiratmoko explained that Wuling presents Air EV as a modern mobility solution that is environmentally friendly and brings various conveniences. Therefore, the company embeds modern innovations from Wuling to Air EV in order to support user convenience when driving or accessing various features available on Air EV.

“We present a variety of innovations in Wuling Air EV to make the first electric car from Wuling easy to use. These modern features help users to drive comfortably, maintain concentration, to facilitate access to features while monitoring the condition of the vehicle,” concluded Danang.

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