AISI Has Been Able To Overcome The Semiconductor Crisis

CHAIRMAN of the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI) Johannes Loman said that its members have been able to overcome the semiconductor crisis.

“I think the chip problem can be solved by our members, right if we look at it since August, the total market is around 500 and September too, maybe the September one hasn’t been announced yet, it’s already 500. So I think it should be finished, ” said Loman in Jakarta.

Even so, he does not deny that in Indonesia there is still a long queue of orders for new vehicle ownership (indents) for some motorcycles that have certain types.

According to him, a long pivot period occurs in vehicles that are still imported from the country of origin and also vehicles with large-capacity engine types.

“Look, if there are certain types that are not many in number, for example the 1,000 cc, 750 cc types, there are definitely pivotal possibilities,” he explained.

At the Indonesia Motorcycle Show (IMOS) which will take place on 2-6 November 2022 at the Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Senayan, Jakarta. AISI believes that this pivot period will not be too long.

“So, for IMOS, it is hoped that the pivot will not take too long, unless the type is still CBU and certain,” he said.

He also hoped that the IMOS event, which had stopped for several years due to the corona virus pandemic, could increase the enthusiasm of the two-wheeled industry in Indonesia.

That way, the Indonesian automotive industry will be able to run normally again as it was in the years before the pandemic. He also hopes that in the near future to be able to immediately complete requests from consumers.

“Our hope is that we can immediately fulfill consumer demand,” he concluded.

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