Belkote 1K Primer Surfacer Officially Launched at OLX Autos IMX 2022

Taking advantage of the momentum of the OLX Autos Indonesia Modification Expo (IMX) 2022 grand modification exhibition, PT Bintang Chemical Indonesia (BCI) officially launched the latest product Belkote 1K Primer Surfacer. This product is claimed to simplify and shorten the painting process time.

The Belkote 1K Primer Surfacer was developed over two years to facilitate the initial painting process for metal base materials. This product is a substitute for ‘epoxy paint’ which serves to provide a strong foundation between the metal surface and the plastic material against the paint layer as well as functions as an anti-rust agent on the metal surface it is coated with.

“Seeing the developments in Europe and the United States, which mostly use one-component primary products, we are very interested in learning about it and it turns out that it is different from products circulating in Indonesia. This made us decide to develop this product, one of which is to support the modification industry in Indonesia,” explained Managing Director Tio Kay Hok on the sidelines of the IMX 2022 activity, at the Jakarta Convention Center, Sunday (2/10).

Shorten Working Time

When making modifications, it often takes quite a long process, especially at the painting stage. Among them, according to Tio, is because mixing conventional primer paints must be done with the right calculation between the thinner and the hardener . 1K Primer Surfacer is a primer that does not require a hardener , so there are no more issues of dry or spilled hardener or forgetting to add hardener, making it much more practical and shortening processing time.

Although the original primer for this domestic product is based on 1-component technology, it still provides work results with similar adhesion and rust protection, even better than the 2-component products that are widely circulated in the Indonesian market today.

“This new Belkote product has the advantages of good adhesion to iron, relatively fast dry time and excellent anti-rust function. All these features are packaged with only one component, so there is no need to bother mixing base with hardener ,” said BCI Marketing Director Andrew Budi Kurniawan.

By using the Belkote 1K Primer Surfacer, according to Andrew, it will certainly shorten the time in terms of spot repairs and painting all panels.

Andrew also explained that this product uses a specially modified acrylic polymer technology which is combined with other selected raw materials to provide superior performance. This makes the 1K Primer Surfacer product will continue to stick firmly as long as it is done with the right procedures and adequate equipment. However, for a good and maximum final result, Andrew advised to use a quality clear coat so that the car paint remains durable.

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