Chery Indonesia Inaugurates Its First Production

Ahead of the launch of its inaugural product in Indonesia, PT Chery Sales Indonesia (CSI) held an inaugural production ceremony at the car assembly plant owned by PT Handal Indonesia Motor (HIM) in Pondok Ungu, Bekasi, West Java, on Tuesday (20/9). The procession for the operation of this factory was inaugurated directly by CSI President Director Tao Yong and HIM President Director Denny Siregar, representatives of Chery dealers in Jakarta, Tangerang, Bekasi, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Makassar, Balikpapan, Semarang, Batam, Lampung, and Pekanbaru.

The production of Chery cars, which started with the Tiggo 7 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro, is targeted to reach 240 units before their launch in October. For this initial stage of production, all units are assembled using spare parts manufactured from the Chery Automobile factory in China.

“With the start of the production of Tiggo 7 Pro and Tiggo 8 Pro, we want to strengthen the confidence of potential consumers in Chery’s commitment in Indonesia. Especially for those who have placed orders since IIMS 2022, there is no need to worry about long pivot times, because our production team will ensure distribution starts immediately after launch,” explained Tao Yong.

Although the initial production process is still assisted by partners, the work process and results still carry Chery’s four main values, namely green, root, link, and technology. These four values together are a spirit to describe the commitment to support the Indonesian automotive industry, namely: Development of vehicles with renewable energy (green); Chery’s contribution is through a deep and rooted investment strategy; Building consumer intimacy and trust by meeting consumer needs and satisfaction through quality products and services (link); As well as being consistent in developing innovations that are implemented thoroughly, starting from the research, production, to after-sales (technology) stages.

“Chery has high standards in quality control that have been recognized globally by winning the highest award from the International Convention on Quality Control Circles (ICQCC) which assesses the quality of production from various companies in the world, for five consecutive years since 2017. We believe that Indonesian consumers will have high driving quality supported by various advanced technologies,” added Tao Yong.

Ahead of the launch of the Tiggo series, in October, Chery will continue to socialize to introduce products and after-sales programs, one of which is through the Tiggo Mall Exhibition which is currently taking place at Emporium Mall Pluit on 26 September-2 October 2022.

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