Here are the Seven Factors that Could Trigger Collision on Toll Road


Successive collisions, according to Auto2000, still occur frequently in Indonesia, and sometimes even lead to fatalities. Even though a series of collisions can be prevented if you know the trigger. The following is an explanation of the Auto2000 on seven factors that trigger a collision.

Not keeping a safe distance

With the excuse of being in a hurry on the road, drivers sometimes speed up the car while following the other car in front with too close a distance. Once there is an emergency situation, the driver is difficult to anticipate when they have to make sudden braking.

Keep a safe distance from the car in front so you can apply the brakes gradually and the car behind you can follow.

Changing lanes carelessly

There is nothing wrong with changing lanes, as long as it is done with the right procedures and taking into account safety and driving safety factors. Forcing yourself to change lanes, especially to the fast lane without paying attention to other vehicles behind you, can trigger multiple collisions.

Make sure the lane to be entered is in a safe condition by looking in the rearview mirror, then turn on the turn signal before changing lanes to signal to other road users. Make sure the lane is safe and does not interfere with other vehicles when changing lanes.

Disobeying the rules and speed limits

There are still many drivers who do not pay attention to the speed of the car and drive slowly in the fast lane aka lane hogger. In fact, the lane is intended for vehicles that want to overtake or vehicles with higher speeds.

Driving too slowly in the slow lane is also not allowed because it will disturb other motorists, even triggering an accident. Therefore, the lowest speed limit is made when driving on the freeway (toll). Likewise, if you are too fast in the slow lane because of the risk of crashing into another vehicle in front. Use the toll road lane according to the designation and speed.

Driving on the shoulder of the toll road

The shoulder of the toll road is only for emergency conditions and should not be used for driving for any reason. In many cases, there are emergency vehicles being hit from behind by road shoulder users, or crashing into other cars in the main lane as a result of evading an emergency stop car on the shoulder of the road.

Distracted by cell phone

Not a few drivers who operate cell phones when driving at high speeds, thereby reducing alertness and paying less attention when the vehicle in front reduces speed. Because they are engrossed in playing with their cellphones, sometimes drivers change lanes or reduce the speed of their vehicles without realizing it.

Forget about status updates on social media. When you hold the wheel, focus only on driving.


The problem of microsleep or falling asleep without realizing it, is as dangerous as playing with your cellphone while driving a car. Even if it’s only for a fraction of a second, the car can change lanes or slow down suddenly. Of course, it is very risky and can cause a series of collisions. The most appropriate solution for drowsiness is only one, namely sleeping even if it is only 15 minutes.

Stop light malfunction

The driver behind will not be able to tell that the car is decelerating if your stop lights are off. Even though there are simple steps to check the lights, namely by stepping on the brake pedal before hitting the road. The light of the stop light will be visible on the wall of the garage. Make sure the turn signal is also working by doing the same.

“Toll roads are places where vehicles travel at high speeds so they must be free of obstacles so as not to trigger accidents. Learn what triggers crashes and make sure AutoFamily knows how to prevent them. This includes regular servicing at the Auto2000 repair shop to maintain car performance such as brakes, engine and even the condition of the lights so that they can work properly in an emergency,” said Aftersales Business Division Head Auto2000, Nur Imansyah Tara, Monday

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