OLX Autos Encourages Indonesia's Automotive Industry


A technology-based service PLATFORM that offers the latest innovations in buying and selling used cars, OLX Autos Indonesia, is back at the Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) as an official trade in partner for the second time.

During the largest automotive exhibition in Indonesia, OLX Autos is here to provide convenience and a pleasant experience for consumers who want to sell their cars in a safe, comfortable, easy, and fast process. The process of selling a car can be done instantly and safely only by doing 3C, namely checking prices, checking car conditions, and checking accounts.

Through 3C, OLX Autos always provides peace of mind to consumers during the process of selling cars with a thorough inspection process so that cars can sell quickly in 1 visit to the inspection center in the GIIAS area by determining the best price according to the condition of the car, as well as a fast payment process.

“We are here again as the official trade-in partner of GIIAS 2022 with the spirit of we are here, and we are here to stay. Providing convenience, innovation and the best service for consumers who want to sell their car or maybe trade in a new car at GIIAS. This effort is a form of the company's commitment and contribution to continue to expand and strengthen the automotive industry's trading system ecosystem in the country," said OLX Autos Indonesia COO Hendri Tadjuni at GIIAS 2022, Monday (15/8).

According to Hendri, the company has successfully served more than 5 million customers and OLX Autos' market share from the seller's side as of June 2022 rose by 300% compared to the initial establishment of OLX Autos in mid-2020. With the participation of OLX Autos in GIIAS 2022, it is expected to further increase market share. companies and indirectly contribute to encouraging the national automotive industry ecosystem.

"The presence of OLX Autos at the GIIAS event for the past 2 years as a trade in partner has contributed to new car sales at GIIAS because with the services they provide, it makes it very easy for consumers who want to buy a new car [upgrade] but have to sell their old car first quickly. , of course it is safe too. This is what we call a good sales chain and there is no competition between new cars and used cars, "said General Secretary of Gaikindo Kukuh Kumara.

Kukuh added that in the long term, this form of cooperation can indirectly strengthen the automotive industry which will have an impact on strengthening the economy in Indonesia.

By selling a car on OLX Autos, the seller will have the money to buy a new car. With more and more people buying new cars, it will certainly encourage the national automotive industry.

The contribution of the automotive industry to the country's economy, according to Kukuh, is quite large, because it has contributed 20 percent to the non-oil and gas sector, of which the non-oil and gas sector contributes 18 percent of Indonesia's total GDP.

"Of course, this great potential must be maximized so that this industry becomes stronger, and the role of all players, including the used car market such as OLX Autos is urgently needed. If all players collaborate, the ecosystem of this industry will be stronger and our economy will also continue to improve," said Kukuh

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