Pertamina Launched Workshop for Difabel Friends in Yogyakarta


PT Pertamina Lubricants (PTPL) and PT Pertamina Retail (PTPR), a Subholding Commercial & Trading (C&T) subsidiary of PT Pertamina Patra Niaga (PPN) synergize to encourage the development of the skills of the disabled friends community by launching the Pertamina Friends of Difabel Workshop which will be managed by Forum Peduli Bantul Difabel (FPDB) on Thursday (15/9).

This launch was marked by the handover of working capital assistance for workshops, workshop infrastructure, training programs and Pertamina lubricant packages. The handover was carried out by PTPL Corporate Secretary Rifqi Budi Prasetyo and PTPR Corporate Secretary & Legal Achmad Wahyudi, accompanied by CSR & SMEPP C&T PPN Manager Sri Nur Hidayati to FPDB members. Also present was the Head of the Social Rehabilitation Division of the Bantul Regency Government’s Social Service, Tatik Windari.

Pertamina Sahabat Difabel is a program that embraces friends with disabilities by providing guidance through trainings to develop self-potential in the workshop business. Before the workshop was launched, FPDB has been provided with various series of training since 2019, ranging from basic welding techniques with manual arcs, introduction to the tools used, practicing quick counts of product work materials, training in product manufacture, finishing techniques and servicing of two-wheeled motorcycles. and tricycle. In addition, this forum is also equipped with entrepreneurship, sales and marketing training.

FPDB itself is an organization that oversees people with disabilities, especially in the Bantul area. Before officially becoming the Pertamina Friends Workshop for Difabel, the FPDB workshop, which is located at Jl Parangtritis no 18 Ngaglik, Jetus Bantul, started as a repair shop for three-wheeled chairs and three-wheeled vehicle modifications.

“Bantul’s commitment to disability cannot be questioned. Bantul wants to create an area that is friendly to women, children and disabilities. This Pertamina program is a reinforcement for friends with disabilities,” said Tatik Windari, Thursday (15/9).

He continued that disabled friends in Bantul continue to try to organize and develop themselves into various forums and associations. He also hopes that this program will be spread in other areas.

Sri Nur Hidayati said the same thing. he added that Pertamina is always committed to be open in listening to various aspirations from the fostered partner community, including friends with disabilities.

“Pertamina Sahabat Difabel is a sustainable program and involves collaboration with various stakeholders to further strengthen Pertamina’s programs, especially in the fields of self-reliance and community empowerment,” he continued.

PTPR Corporate Secretary & Legal Achmad Wahyudi told the story of the beginning of this collaboration and hoped that the Pertamina Friends of Difabel Program would be a good start and be able to improve the quality of empowerment of people with disabilities in Indonesia.

“With synergies, the program will provide wider and greater benefits. PTPL already has a disability empowerment program in Jakarta, Bantul, Cilacap and PTPR has a program plan related to the disabled where the implementation is supported by the Presidential Staff of Social Affairs then started a joint discussion regarding planning and collaborative program implementation,” he added.

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