Royal Enfield Invites 60 Riders to Explore the Himalayas


ON August 14, 2022, Royal Enfield officially held the most anticipated riding event, namely Moto Himalaya 2022. This event was unforgettable because participants had the ability to ride conquering routes in the Himalayas using the Royal Enfield Himalayan.

More than 60 riders from across the Asia Pacific region such as Thailand, Indonesia, Australia, Korea, Japan and the Philippines have come together to make their dreams come true, through the 2022 edition of Moto Himalaya. The closeness and friendship of these riders is commendable, especially when they have to face a variety of challenges along the way, including unpredictable terrain and weather.

Business Head for Asia Pacific Anuj Dua reminded that Royal Enfield has an unforgettable legacy of more than 120 years, in encouraging people to continue to explore. For Royal Enfield, motorcycle riding is a true form of adventure, travel and exploration.

"We have built a culture of relaxed riding with engaging and interactive Rides & Events programs. From riding through snowy mountains that tests endurance and skill, to relaxed and fun riding that unites riders with their stories and journeys," said Anuj Dua.

This 2022 Himalayan motto according to Anuj, has become a truly unforgettable experience for riders who dare to push the boundaries and experience the wonders of the mountainous terrain for real.

"Royal Enfield is well positioned to be the perfect partner in any exploration, and we feel that this kind of expedition will bring more and more riders to the Pure Motorcycling experience." – brave the toughest terrain and conquer the highest mountains, as an annual ritual and the highest form of respect to the spiritual home of Royal Enfield, the Himalayas.

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