BUMN Collaboration in Supporting the Development of Santri Potential in Islamic Boarding Schools


PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (SIG) together with 32 BUMNs held a kick off of BUMN Service for Santri, which included the Santri Internship Program and the Pesantrenpreneur Program (Vocational Education for Islamic Boarding Schools) in East Java.

In this activity, PT Semen Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (SIG) together with PT Pegadaian, PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) (Pelindo), and PT PLN (Persero) acted as program coordinators.

The kick off was carried out by the Deputy for Human Resources, Technology and Information of the Ministry of State Owned Enterprises (BUMN), Tedi Bharata and General Manager of CSR SIG, Edy Saraya at the Assalafi Al Fithrah Islamic Boarding School, Surabaya, on Wednesday (14/9).

The Minister of BUMN, Erick Thohir, explained that Indonesia is currently moving forward and becoming a bigger nation. Meanwhile, in 2030 it is predicted that the population of Indonesia with productive age will reach 64% of the total population.

As the most populous Muslim country in the world, Indonesia has thousands of Islamic boarding schools. It is believed that the santri and female students will contribute to bringing Indonesia to a developed country and build civilization for the country, and dare to face the challenges of the current era with very fast changes.

Erick Thohir added that santri and female students must be able to develop their own capacity in the midst of the challenges of digital disruption. One form of BUMN’s commitment to continue to contribute to the national economy is evidenced by the form of BUMN Bakti. One of them is through the initiation of an internship program for students at Islamic boarding schools.

“This student internship program is a successful collaboration between BUMN and a number of universities and Islamic boarding schools in improving the quality of human resources. This step is a preparation for the younger generation to face future development challenges, including in the digital sector,” said Erick Thohir.

The Ministry of BUMN has also opened the Pesantranpreneur Program in 2022. This activity aims to improve the quality of education and entrepreneurship so that Islamic boarding schools become a beacon of civilization, as well as a center for empowering Muslimpreneurs, with the realization of qualified human resources from santri as a driving force for the empowerment of the halal industry in Indonesia and internationally.

The Pesantrenpreneur Program (Vocational Education for Islamic Boarding Schools) which was initiated by the Ministry of BUMN was attended by 78 teachers who participated in the Training of Trainer (ToT) Program in May 2022. Lecturers from Islamic boarding schools in Surabaya, Jember and Kediri, have been equipped with knowledge of applied business, namely learning about Technology and Engineering, Technology and Information, Health, Agribusiness, Fisheries and Agrotechnology, Business and Management, as well as Make-up and Catering. The teaching and learning process in the pesantrenpreneur program will take place in the next one year, and it is hoped that it can be a provision for students to become entrepreneurs (santripreneurs) when they graduate.

Meanwhile, SIG’s General Manager of CSR, Edy Saraya, explained that currently SIG is accepting 20 apprentices at the company. They will learn about business processes and work methods for 3 months. In addition to gaining knowledge and experience, they will also get an internship certification from the company.

Edy Saraya added, GIS is also trying to build an independent community by giving birth to as many new entrepreneurs as possible through the Pesantrenpreneur Program (Vocational Education for Islamic Boarding Schools).

“There are 26 Islamic boarding schools whose teaching follows the Training of Trainer (ToT) program. Now they are starting to teach the knowledge they have learned to their respective students. Each Islamic boarding school has at least 15 students to be educated, so there are at least 390 students who will be expected to become entrepreneurs,” said Edy Saraya.

One of the teachers from the Assalafi Al Fithrah Islamic boarding school, Sudarsono, hopes that the knowledge gained during the ToT can be useful for the students. “We hope that later the students will have additional skills, apart from religious knowledge of course. Hopefully they will be able to start their own business and open up job opportunities for the community,” he said.

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