Digitizing Solutions to Lower Intercity Logistics Shipping Costs

AS a leading provider of on-demand delivery technology services in Indonesia, Lalamove believes that digitalization is one of the solutions to reduce logistics costs for intercity delivery. Integration between technology and logistics becomes very important in streamlining lower logistics costs for business actors.

Andi M Rizki, Managing Director of Lalamove Indonesia, admitted that logistics costs in Indonesia are still relatively high when compared to other ASEAN countries.

"This can be seen from the contribution of logistics to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) which is still above 20%. This high cost is caused by many factors, one of which is the long stages and complicated planning in the delivery of goods," he explained in a statement received, Tuesday (4/04). 10).

It is said that most of the intercity delivery processes using trucks are done manually. Currently, around 80% of the truck fleet in Indonesia is operated by operators who have not been touched by technology. Many planning, monitoring and payment activities are still handled manually.

"We see that this problem can be helped by technological innovation in shipping. The delivery technology that Lalamove has, can cut administrative and operational processes so that it is simpler, faster and more efficient," said Rizki.

It is said, t Lalamove is able to make it easier for business people to streamline operations through live GPS tracking features, digital signatures, and also access to delivery reports with only one business account that can be accessed by more than one operator. In addition, Lalamove's instant intercity service delivery can ship up to 5 tons of goods.

"Lalamove intercity deliveries are now accessible in three major cities on the island of Java, namely Greater Jakarta, Bandung Raya, and Surabaya. In the near future, Lalamove will again expand its new city so that it can cover all provinces on the island of Java. Of course there will be more businesses. and SMEs that can be helped by the presence of Lalamove,” explained Rizki.

The ease of delivery technology is also felt by one of the largest furniture companies in Indonesia, Olympic Furniture. The company, which has been established for 38 years in Indonesia, has made various adaptations while developing its business, one of which is digitalization. In addition to marketing its products digitally, Olympic Furniture entrusts intercity delivery technology for its customers to Lalamove.

Vice Marketing Director of Olympic Furniture, Veronica Marcella explained Olympic Furniture's commitment to always provide the best products for all families in Indonesia with a touch of stunning furniture and affordable prices. “For us, delivery of goods is an important factor in ensuring customer satisfaction. Lalamove has intercity delivery technology that can ensure our products can arrive safely directly into the hands of customers and at a lower cost than conventional shipping, "said Veronica.

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