ID FOOD on Indonesia Anniversary: Fight for Food Independence


President Commissioner of PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (Persero) or ID FOOD Food Holding Bayu Krisnamurthi the 77th anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia as an effort to fight for food independence for all people.

“We are independent, the goal is to liberate other people, independence must be shared. We use the term Food Fighters because our food independence still has to be fought for,” he said at the BUMN ID FOOD Healthy Walk in Jakarta, Saturday (13/8/2022).

Bayu explained that Indonesia had indeed been independent from colonialists since 77 years ago, but several aspects related to people’s lives still need to be fought for, including food.

Therefore, ID FOOD, which is a state-owned enterprise engaged in the food sector, has the responsibility to liberate the Indonesian people who are not yet independent from food.

“Let’s strengthen on the 77th HUT of the Republic of Indonesia to be determined to be food fighters so that we can use our independence to advance Indonesian food,” he said.

In line with Bayu, President Director of PT Rajawali Nusantara Indonesia (Persero) or ID FOOD Food Holding Frans Marganda Tambunan said that food conditions in Indonesia must recover faster and rise stronger.

According to him, this must be realized by ID FOOD as the company has a mandate from the state to promote domestic food.

“As a big family, ID FOOD has a mandate from the state to contribute more and better to achieve food security,” said Frans.

In addition, ID FOOD is also responsible for promoting and prospering partners, namely farmers and fishermen so that their contribution to food can reach world class.

“That’s a very big Homework for all of us, we hope to keep our spirits up,” he said.

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