In Ultra Micro Holding, PNM Plays a Role in Promoting Women's Economic Empowerment

AS one of the companies that are members of Holding Ultra Micro, PT Permodalan Nasional Madani has had a positive impact in the role of women's economic empowerment.

In the recent MSME Performance Index Talkshow at Studio RRI Jakarta, President Director of PT Permodalan Nasional Madani Arief Mulyadi shared his views regarding the various empowerment programs carried out by PNM.

"We are getting easier in penetrating and various empowerment processes that we have to provide to Ultra Micro actors, the majority of whom are women," said Arief in a press statement, Saturday (5/11).

Unlike other financial institutions that only provide financing, PNM is here to provide three types of capital, namely financial capital in the form of financing or credit, then intellectual capital, which is obliged to accompany or facilitate customers to discuss with each other to develop their business, and finally social capital in the form of a network. . In addition, PNM also cooperates with the Ministry and other agencies in order to provide literacy for customers, including the involvement of the Ministry of PPPA and Kodam to provide literacy on family, parenting, and stunting. This is necessary to increase and strengthen the role of women in household resilience.

In this case, PNM consistently invites customers to develop businesses that match their expertise and the majority of PNM customers are engaged in services and trading.

PKM (Weekly Group Meeting) is also one of the facilities provided by PNM to discuss with each other. In several moments, PNM also often conducts training according to the needs of its customers.

“So at the group meeting, socialization tools were prepared in a simple way, the assistants called Account Officers in the field were facilitated. Those are forms of education that we provide to customers," said Arief Mulyadi.

Through the form of the existing program, it is hoped that it will be able to make customers more resilient, develop, be able to advance to class and be independent.

In this regard, I Nyoman Darmata, Director of Development for the Expansion of Employment Opportunities, Ministry of Manpower (Kemenaker) also opened up about community-based self-employment programs.

The Ministry of Manpower tries to build networks or bridges so that independent labor program actors can have access to capital, it can be through banking, non-banking institutions to industry as their obstetrician.

For information, until November 3, 2022, PNM has distributed financing of Rp. 156.8 trillion to PNM Mekaar's customers, totaling 13 million customers.

Currently, PNM has 4197 service offices throughout Indonesia serving MSMEs in 34 provinces, 513 regencies/cities, and 5640 sub-districts.

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