Indonesian Muslim Clothing Exports Reach US$2.8 Billion, Trade Minister: Too Small


Minister of Trade (Mendag) Zulkifli Hasan revealed that there was an increase in exports of Indonesian Muslim clothing to a number of countries in the first half of 2022. However, he assessed that the opportunities for Muslim fashion exports that had not been caught were still much greater.

“Exports of Muslim clothing in the first semester of 2022 are worth US$2.8 billion, indeed up 39.86 percent from the first semester of last year, but it is still small, we are still in the 13th position of the world’s Muslim clothing exporters,” said Zulkifli on the Indonesian agenda. Muslim Fashion From Local Wisdom for Global Inspiration in Jakarta, Tuesday (23/8/2022).

With Indonesia’s current position, the contribution of Indonesian Muslim clothing exports to total world exports is only 1.86 percent. Zulkifli said that Indonesia is still losing to Dubai and Vietnam, which are already much bigger in the Muslim clothing export business.

“This doesn’t make sense, I think we should use this as momentum to seize the global market,” said Zulhas, his familiar greeting.

He explained that the government had paved the way to facilitate the export of Indonesian products through various bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. He said that export activities to the South Korean market to Japan were easier because import duties were no longer required.

Meanwhile, for the Middle East, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe markets, Indonesia has signed a trade agreement with the United Arab Emirates through the IUAE-CEPA which can be an entry point for Indonesian products. However, the trade agreement is still waiting for the ratification process from parliament.

“We know the world’s Muslim population is growing steadily, almost 30 percent of the world’s population, therefore this is a huge market,” he said.

Creative Director Ivan Gunawan PRIVE, Ivan Gunawan, said that all Muslim fashion designers certainly want to be able to penetrate the international market. However, there are various obstacles when brand owners want to hold exhibitions abroad. Such as about funding, sponsors, to foreign markets that are not necessarily obtained.

He said that in order for a brand to be known in foreign market consumers, it would take at least three years by following a number of international exhibition agendas. Therefore, Ivan assesses that the government’s role is increasingly needed to build a marketing communication network abroad.

“Because if we go abroad, what is expensive is not collections, but our names as designers to be accepted abroad. Also taking care of us, educating us how to export,” he said.

Ivan said, the owners of Muslim fashion brands are willing to invest expensively in order to promote abroad. However, on the other hand, the government is expected to play a bigger role.

“So, if we want to go abroad, we must first establish a long-term plan, including marketing,” he said.


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