Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah Hands over BSU to Workers Already Registered with BPJS Employment in Bali


The Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah symbolically handed over the 2022 Wage Subsidy Assistance (BSU) to workers or employees who have been registered as BPJS Employment participants (BPJAMSOSTEK) in Bali. This time the handover was carried out at the Krisna souvenir shop in Bali for employees from the Krisna shop and Ayana Hotel, Tuesday (13/9).

The presence of Ida Fauziyah was accompanied by Member of the Supervisory Board of BPJAMSOSTEK Yayat Syariful Hidayat, Head of the Bali Province Manpower and Energy and Mineral Resources Office, Ida Bagus Ngurah Arda, and was greeted directly by the owner of the Bali gift shop Krisna Ajik Krisna.

Minister Ida Fauziyah expressed her appreciation for Krisna and other small and medium-sized companies that have contributed a lot to workers while still providing good protection to workers even in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic.

"Now, thank God, actually our economic condition has started to improve, we can finish the pandemic, but it turns out that the unfavorable geopolitical conditions have resulted in price increases, increases in energy materials so that we can no longer provide direct subsidies for the benefit of fuel, so the government diverts the subsidy is included in the wage subsidy,” explained Ida Fauziyah.

He emphasized that the government is always present in any difficult situation faced by workers. He said that this year's BSU will be given to 14.6 million Indonesian workers who have been loyal to become BPJAMSOSTEK participants.

"Why is it given or the recipient is BPJS Employment participants? because this is a form of our reward for the participation of both employers and workers in the BPJS Employment program. The period that has been given such assistance has not been moved to include its workers in the BPJS Employment program," he added.

Minister Ida hopes that BPJS Employment participation will continue to increase so that the program provided by the government can provide the widest benefits for workers apart from the benefits of the existing employment social security program.

In line with that, Bali Head of Manpower and Mineral Resources, Ida Bagus Ngurah Arda, also said that this BSU is not only beneficial for workers, but also for companies, especially company owners.

"Through this BSU program, entrepreneurs or companies will be touched, we immediately remind them of their obligation to include their workers in the BPJS Employment program," explained Ida Bagus Ngurah Arda.

The terms and criteria for the 2022 BSU recipients are regulated in the Minister of Manpower Regulation Number 10 of 2022 which contains guidelines for providing government assistance in the form of salary/wages subsidies for workers or laborers.

It is known that the number of data on prospective workers receiving BSU submitted by BPJAMSOSTEK in the first stage amounted to 5,099,915. The data was then checked and re-screened by the Ministry of Manpower and found that as many as 4.1 million workers will receive the first stage of BSU.

Closing his assistance in the activity, Member of the Supervisory Board of BPJAMSOSTEK Yayat Syariful Hidayat said that his party is ready to collaborate and fully support the government's plans and policies, especially in dealing with challenging labor conditions like today.

"Our arrival is to accompany the activities carried out by the Ministry of Manpower, in this case the Minister provides BSU in 2022. This is part of our support as managers, of course we will also continue to collaborate to encourage government policies, we will jointly support in the framework of how This employment social security can really be implemented properly which will lead to prosperous Indonesian workers," Yayat concluded.

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