Pertamina NRE-Jababeka Infrastructure Sign Green Industrial Cluster Development Contract


Pertamina NRE (PT Pertamina Power Indonesia) and PT Jababeka Infrastruktur signed a contract on Monday (29/8/2022) for the development of a green industrial cluster in Jababeka. The initial stage carried out by both of them was through the installation of PLTS Roofs.

The signing was carried out by Dannif Danusaputro as CEO of Pertamina NRE and Agung Wicaksono as Managing Director of Jababeka Infrastruktur. Also witnessing the signing were Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia Arifin Tasrif and President Director of Pertamina Nicke Widyawati.

“I encourage more global partnerships not only between the private sector, but also with the public sector to accelerate implementation. We hope today’s partnership can encourage more business action through collaborative cooperation between the public and private sectors,” said Arifin in his remarks.

On the same occasion, Nicke said, this collaboration is in line with the government’s target in the energy transition. In addition, this project will provide benefits for industrial tenants in Jababeka in increasing the use of new and renewable energy.

In line with Nicke, Dannif said that the Green Industrial Cluster is one of Pertamina NRE’s future business focuses. “We really welcome this strategic synergy, considering that this project supports emission reduction efforts. Pertamina NRE is very enthusiastic to provide solutions for industries that are committed to increasing the use of green energy,” said Dannif, in a press release, Wednesday (31/8/2022).

The signing of the contract is a follow-up to the memorandum of understanding signed by Pertamina and Jababeka on January 18, 2022. Both entities have the same vision in supporting energy transition efforts and achieving the national target of net zero emissions by 2060.

Jababeka manages regional areas in Cikarang, Tanjung Lesung, Kendal, and Morotai, and is the ‘home’ of more than 2,000 industrial tenants from 30 countries. For the development of PLTS itself, the entire area has the potential to reach a capacity of 75 MW.

“Providing infrastructure for Industrial Estates is the main business of PT Jababeka Infrastruktur. In line with the government’s commitment to the energy transition, we are taking concrete steps by utilizing solar energy as renewable energy. The first PLTS in Jababeka This infrastructure will be built on the roof of the Water Treatment Plant facility. With this, we collaborate with Pertamina NRE and support PLN’s role in the energy transition,” said Agung.

Currently, there is an increasing need from industry to increase the use of new and renewable energy, especially industries that have a global commitment to participate in efforts to control climate change. With Jababeka’s vision to be a pioneer in green industrial estate, this collaboration is very much in line.

Pertamina NRE itself has a strong commitment to implementing environmental, social, and governance (ESG). This commitment is evident from Pertamina NRE’s aggressive efforts to oversee the energy transition, both within and outside the Pertamina Group. Within the Pertamina Group, Pertamina NRE collaborates with other Pertamina subholdings to reduce carbon emission reductions in the operating area through the use of PLTS. Meanwhile, outside the Pertamina Group, Pertamina NRE collaborates with other SOEs to do the same thing.

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