Poor Quality, Traders Ask Bulog not to Use Imported Rice


Rice traders at the Cipinang Rice Main Market (PIBC) Jakarta asked Bulog to intensify rice market operations as prices began to rise. However, traders asked Bulog not to use imported rice

Head of the Jakarta Cipinang Main Rice Market Traders Cooperative (PIBC), Zulkifli Rasyid, said that since August Bulog has been conducting rice market operations to lower prices.

However, especially at PIBC, market operations are carried out by bundling or combining domestic rice with ex-imported rice in 2018 with a ratio of 20 tons of local rice and 10 tons of imports. The two rices were sold by Bulog for Rp. 8,300 per kg.

“Market players don’t want to pay for imported rice. Why? Because he lost. The rice is bad,” said Zulkifli to our reporter, Monday (5/9/2022).

The imported rice came from Vietnam and India which was imported in 2018 when there was a rice crisis situation at the end of 2017.

Zulkifli said, Jakarta is a barometer for all of Indonesia. Therefore, his party hopes that specifically in Jakarta, Bulog can carry out market operations with entirely local production.

“There is no need for bundling rice now, because November-December it will all run out. Why? Because our stock is running low,” he said.

The proposal, said Zulkifli, had also been submitted directly to Bulog in an official letter. His party hopes that this month, market operations can be carried out again with a supply of rice produced by domestic farmers.

For information, the price increase mainly occurred in medium rice. According to Zulkifli, the average price of medium rice at PIBC is already more than Rp. 9,000 per kg from the previous Rp. 8,500 per kg. In fact, the highest retail price of rice (HET) specifically for the Jakarta area is set by the government at Rp 9,450 per kg.

The increase in rice prices began to be felt by traders since August due to reduced supply entering the main market. Meanwhile, the level of demand is quite stable.

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