A Name Change That Changed Armada Careers

One of the Indonesian bands, Armada recently celebrated their 15th anniversary. In the concert event, they succeeded in entertaining thousands of their fans in the city of Medan. Their 15th anniversary concert was titled “15 Years of Fleet Work Concert”.

Behind their success in working for 15 years, did you know that the band called Armada previously had another name.

Before changing to Armada, the band had the name Paper Band. Formed in 2005 in Palembang, Kertas Band successfully released its album in 2006. The album they released in 2006 was titled Paper.

“We were from 2005, Kertas was still in Palembang at that time. Then we will release the 2006 album, “explained Rizal as the vocalist of Armada.

After releasing Paper , they changed their band name. Asked about the reason for their change of name, Rizal refused to answer. According to Rizal, they must change the name.

“We changed the name because there was something, something that required us to change the name,” he continued.

The name change occurred in 2007. After changing its name, Armada is now successfully working in the music industry.

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