Aliando Syarief’s Confession: Being Tortured When He Doesn’t Want to Work


Actor Aliando Syarief has recently been in the spotlight after his admission that he suffers from OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). His confession certainly surprised the public because he had not been seen in the entertainment industry for so long. Aliando Syarief’s disappearance from the entertainment world in the country is because he wants to fight to recover from his illness.

Recently, Aliando Syarief in his vlog with Ricky Weather explained the reasons why he could have OCD. Aliando Syarief said that he worked under pressure to make as much money as possible. He also admitted that if this was not done, he would be tortured.

After this recognition, not a few netizens gave their support to Aliando Syarief. When asked about the crimes against Aliando, Ricky Weather said that Aliando’s condition was really serious.

“It’s hard, I mean, maybe if I experience what Ali experienced, maybe I can also be like him or maybe it can get worse,” said Ricky Weather.

In the interview, Ricky Weather emphasized that what happened to Aliando Syarief really happened and was not just a fabrication.

“I’m just saying here maybe it’s like what Ali experienced, maybe it’s like a movie this time, I mean ah this is fiction, ah this is actually made up by the director or by the screenplay, but this happened to him,” said Ricky Weather.

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