Ariel NOAH's appearance on stage is often teased by her own daughter


Ariel NOAH’s charisma has never faded and is still the dream of women. However, Ariel is still the target of ridicule from her child, Alleia Anata Irham.

The story came when Ariel NOAH was asked to explain the role of Alleia Anata Irham behind her style of dress every gig. Ariel said his daughter rarely commented on her father’s appearance.

“she doesn’t always comment,” said Ariel NOAH.

However, despite commenting on her father’s appearance, Alleia Anata Irham often mocks Ariel NOAH’s appearance.

“Yes, maybe there are a few who are rich, ‘like you guys, ah”, for example. But not really,” said Ariel NOAH.

Ariel herself didn’t really think much about Alleia’s comments about his style of dress every gig. Because he is already confident with the style of dress that is usually displayed during a gig.

“Not always (thinking about appearance). Maybe there is a little but not too much,” he said.

In addition, the NOAH vocalist also said that Alleia could still enjoy her father’s stage performances when performing with NOAH.

“When I’m on stage, she usually enjoys it,” said Ariel.

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