Berdendang Bergoyang Festival Cancels Stage, Audience ‘Angry’

One of the stages at Berdendang Bergoyang was canceled on the second day. Dancing Stage is one of five stages that the committee must eliminate.

In his Instagram upload, the committee of the Berdendang Bergoyang Festival had to cancel the Dancing Stage.

“To the People of Berdendang Bergoyang, we regretfully apologize and have to announce that the DANCE STAGE IS CANCELED,” he wrote in the @berdendangbergoyang account on Saturday, October 29, 2022.

The committee also wrote an explanation about the cancellation of one of the stages because of the anticipation from the crowd.

“All musicians who will perform will not perform today and tomorrow as a measure to anticipate the crowd from the audience in every stage area. Sorry again and thank you,” he continued.

The upload immediately made the audience present disappointed with the Berdendang Bergoyang Festival committee. They spilled their anger on Instagram Chirping Rocking

“Besides, I don’t see the capacity of the venue. If this is the case, the audience will be disappointed,” said @awk3***.

“This is because most of them sell tickets, right? It should be limited to ticket sales considering that there will be a lot of people and not controlled like this,” wrote @tipan***.

“Then the crowd moved to another so it became more and more full with each stage. I got there I didn’t think about it (?),” wrote @rv***.

Previously, there were several videos on social media showing visitors on the first day complaining about the tightness of their movements when moving from one stage to another.

For this reason, the committee had to cancel the 2nd day’s performances, such as Falling Leaves, Teza Sumendra, Faye Risakotta, Coconut Treez, Ramengvrl, Weird Genius, and Stan.

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