Calling God ‘Father Mother’, Rara “Pawang Hujan” Reap Controversial Reactions From Netizen


Rara the rain charmer is back to reap controversy. This time he was considered insulting religion.

Netizens were angry after seeing a video clip showing Rara on the Instagram account @umatrasulullah.aswaja. In the video, Rara can be seen wearing red clothes to do what she thinks is a ritual.

She said that he was talking to God as if he were talking to an old man.

“So before the sun rises, we have to upload or chat. Like I talk to God, it’s like a mother and father figure,” said Rara.

Furthermore, she said that God’s call was replaced with ‘father mother’.

“Today’s father and mother, Rara wants the weather to be sunny in Batubara,” he said.

Netizens didn’t stay silent after seeing Rara’s outrageous speech and going nowhere.

“The older the more …,” said the account @oji ***.

“Oooh… It looks like now, she is…,” said @el.*** account.

“People who believe in people like this, only people who are equally crazy,” said the @mar*** account.

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