Elvy Sukaesih’ Granddaughter Birthday on Independence Day, Mother Writes a Heartfelt Message


The happiness of having a birthday on independence day is not only felt by the artist Gilang Dirga, but also the little singer Aljabbar. The boy who is also the grandson of Queen Dangdut Elvy Sukaesih celebrated his 9th birthday on August 17, 2022.

Aljabbar’s mother, Wirdha Sylvina, also congratulated the child. Elvy Sukaesih’s daughter, who is also a singer, wrote a touching note for Aljabbar.

“Barakalloh my son. May blessings accompany your journey of age. Make your dreams and hopes a booster to study harder,” wrote Wirdha Sylvina.

“The prayers of Mommy, Daddy, brother Zadel and brother Zidane are with you every step of the way,” he continued.

Wirdha hopes that her son can continue to have a brilliant career in the music world. He did not forget to give a message not to leave education and prioritize worship.

“May your life be more blessed, all affairs are smoothed out and always in the protection and mercy of Allah’s love. Happy birthday my dear son. Barakallah fi umriik my son, the spirit of my life,” he said.

Aljabbar is known to have started to pursue the world of singing following in his grandmother’s footsteps. In 2018 he released a single titled “Wak Wak Gung.” In 2021 ago, Aljabbar returned with an English single entitled “Corona is Covid-19”.

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