Feel Koplo and The Walters Performed “I Love You So” Remix Version of Koplo


The musical group Feel Koplo closed the first day of The Sounds Project Vol.5 2022 with great fanfare. Feel Koplo performed the song I Love You So from The Walters koplo remix version.

This koplo remix version of the song I Love You So is often performed by the electronics duo from the city of flowers. But at the end of The Sounds Project Vol.5, Feel Koplo performed it together with The Walters.

The moment of the two musical groups on the stage made the audience present at Allianz Ecopark, Ancol, North Jakarta enthusiastic. Especially when The Walters’ vocalist Luke Olson started singing the song I Love You So accompanied by guitar.

The audience sang along too. And when they entered the chorus I love you so, the music changes to koplo accompanied by drums. Suddenly the audience was immediately overjoyed while dancing to the music.

This excitement was also enjoyed by the personnel of The Walters on stage. In the video shared by Feel Koplo’s official Twitter account @feelkoplo, Luke Olson is seen dancing with Feel Koplo’s vocalist, Maulfi Ikhsan. So do other personnels.

Feel Koplo is closing at The Sounds Project Stage at 23.00 WIB. Meanwhile, the music group from the United States was the closing guest star on the Musicverse Stage at 22.30 WIB.

The two musical groups finally appeared on one stage and had a duet at the closing of the first day of The Sounds Project Stage and succeeded in swaing the audience present sway.

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