Mandra was stressed that the name ‘Mumun’ was used as the film title


The soap opera Jadi Pocong which Mandra used to work on was adapted into a big screen film entitled Mumun. Mandra, as the originator, admitted that he was stressed when the film Jadi Pocong was changed to Mumun.

The idea of changing the title of Jadi Pocong to Mumun was initiated by Dheeraj Kalwani as a producer. Mandra said he was scared when the name Mumun, who is a demon character in this film, was used as the title.

“At that time the title of this series was ‘Jadi Pocong, not ‘Mumun’. Suddenly he (Dheeraj) changed to Mumun. I’ll be honest, the name called by that title was stressed for three days. I was scared,” said Mandra in Jakarta.

According to Mandra, Mumun’s story did exist. He then compared the story of Maryam’s ghost in the story of Si Manis Jembatan Ancol.

“Because I knew when I made this story, this story was exactly what happened. At that time, I myself knew the history, it was related to Mumun earlier, that’s why I didn’t dare to use the name,” said Mandra.

Mandra is grateful that the filming process went smoothly without any problems. He hopes that the film directed by Rizal Mantovani will not only provide entertainment, but also invites the audience to reminisce.

The film Mumun tells the story of Mumun who died tragically in an accident. After Mumun’s body was buried, it turned out that Husein the gravedigger forgot to open her pocong rope so she got up from the grave to ask for the pocong rope to be opened.

Mumun film stars Acha Septriasa Dimas Aditya, Mandra, Volland Humonggio, Eddies Adelia, Bedu, Ence Bagus, and Fajar Nugra. Mumun will hit theaters on September 1, 2022.

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