Morgan Oey Always Opens Back Performing With Smash

Since deciding to leave the boy band Smash, Morgan Oey has appeared more in feature films or a number of series. However, Morgan had surprised the Smash personnel when he appeared at a virtual reunion at the start of the pandemic.

“At the beginning of the pandemic, there was talk of Smash management for a decade of concerts. But because of the pandemic, it could only go online. So this is a surprise from their management. Then I joined in singing,” said Morgan at the Ngobras Medcom event.

Morgan himself did not rule out the possibility of another stage with Smash. His relationship with the Smash personnel called Morgan went well.

“We never know. Yesterday it cured the feeling of nostalgia in the end. I left 2013, after seven years of not working with them, finally. Because a decade is also a celebration,” he said.

“Even though I’m no longer in Smash, this is a reminder that I used to fight with them,” he continued.

Boyband personnel who leave usually decide to go solo. However, Morgan admitted that he lacked confidence to appear alone. However, that intention remained in his mind.

“Because I’ve already made a group, I also thought about how to sing it myself. But I’m still not confident enough to sing alone,” he said.

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