Pink Sweat$ Considers Fans in Indonesia the Best

Pink Sweat$ was present to enliven We The Fest 2022 which was held last weekend. Pink Sweat$ felt happy to be able to greet its fans in Indonesia.

In addition to greeting fans, he also had a reason to come to Indonesia. As a tropical country, he called Indonesia a suitable place for a vacation. When asked what came to mind when he first heard about Indonesia, Pink Sweat$ quickly answered vacation.

“Vacation, because it’s tropical in my opinion,” he answered with a laugh.

Not only discussing holidays, Pink Sweat$ also explained what Indonesian fans meant to him. He called Indonesian fans the best. He could feel the love and support that fans gave him and he loved it.

“Their Indonesian fans are the best, their love is the best. I can feel it,” he said.

In addition, he also shared stories when he was at the airport. Seeing the fans welcoming him at the airport, Pink Sweat$ said he was touched and wanted to greet them back. However, he did not do this because the security forces limited him.

“You know, I was passing through the airport and wanted security like, yo, come here. They took a photo of me, it was really cool and fun,” he replied enthusiastically.

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