Slank Special Message for Bali Slankers


The band Slank performed as the closing ceremony for the Prost Fest 2022 music festival which was held at Mertasari Beach, Sanur, Bali, on Saturday, August 13. On several occasions, Slank often refers to Bali as their second home. In the action towards midnight last night, drummer Bimo Setiawan Almachzumi conveyed a special message to Slankers Bali.

“Although a million times, never get tired of spreading the virus of peace in Indonesia,” Bimbim shouted from the stage. Thousands of Slankers who were present also cheered to hear their idol give the message. A moment later, Slank sang their hit, “Virus.”

Bali is a historical place for Slank trips. One of their songs, “Poppies Lane Memory,” was even inspired by the name of a street in the Kuta area. The song was released on Slank’s old album, Tujuh, which was released in 1998.

“I think tonight we (play) are slow . Because we know from the afternoon (you) have played (with loud music). We are slow, sing a long. Thank you for being willing to wait. We will make this song this year. 1991,” Kaka said before starting “Poppies Lane Memory.”

Another Balinese-themed song that Slank performed in its action at Prost Fest 2022 was “Bali Bagus.” A classic number from the album Kampungan , which was released in 1991.

Slank performed for about 1.5 hours by performing hit songs from their various albums, including “Too Sweet,” “Tong Empty,” “Orkes Hati Hati,” and closed with “Kamu Harus Pulang.”

Prost Fest 2022 will be held for two days, on August 13 and 14. Several bands and musicians performing at this music festival include Noah, Type-X, Kahitna, Shaggydog, Superman Is Dead, Bara Suara, The Panturas, Manja, The Dare, Sundancer, Judika, Andmesh, RAN, and Ndarboy Genk.

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