Soon to marry Erina Gudono, Kaesang is praised for being smart in choosing a prospective wife

The couple Kaesang Pangarep and Erina Gudono are increasingly determined to continue to a serious level. It is reported that the two will tie the knot in December.

Towards the wedding day, which is only days away, Kaesang Pangarep is increasingly showing affection for Erina Gudono.

One of Kaesang's sweet attitudes was when he commented on one of Erina Gudono's uploads on Instagram social media.

Initially, Erina Gudono uploaded her moment as a moderator in the Scientific Oration event held by Gajah Mada University (UGM).

"It's an honor for me to take part in this part of the event," wrote Erina Gudono in English.

Kaesang Pangarep then gave a sweet comment as if to support the activities of the future wife.

"My prospective bojo (my wife)," commented Kaesang Pangarep briefly.

Kaesang Pangarep's comments were immediately replied to by Erina Gudono.

"Hello, prospective bojo (husband)," replied Erina Gudono.

The comment was immediately liked by netizens.

Not a few netizens gave praise to the younger brother of Gibran Rakabuming Raka.

"Well, it's like this, bro, you have a future wife, smart, beautiful (beautiful), calm, authoritative, complete, you guys are really cool," commented the account @gita ***.

"Really smart looking for a prospective bojo (wife). Beautiful, smart, authoritative, complete package," wrote the account @ikah***.

"New name: Kaesang Bucin Pangarep," added the account @kiki***.

"If I were your mother, I think you are a very lucky man. It's like getting the lotto or super bowl," said the @ital*** account.

(King Alif Adhi Budoyo)

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