The Reason Boy William Canceled His Marriage With Karen Vendela


Presenter Boy William confirmed his marriage to Karen Vendela. After a long silence, now Boy William has spoken about the reason his marriage was cancelled.

Through his YouTube account, while on vacation and attending his younger brother’s graduation in the United States, Boy William also discussed marriage with his late brother Raymond Hartanto’s wife, Stella Gosellin, and his youngest brother, Mario Hartanto.

“At first I felt like getting married because you (Stella) and Ray got married first. You already have a child, maybe it’s time for me, okay? More and more, over time, walking, walking, walking, I immediately got nervous,” said Boy William .

As time went on in a relationship with Karen Vendela, Boy William had doubts. He feels unsure about starting a household and has not thought about getting married.

“Yes, there’s nothing wrong with the girl or her family either. Only if I’m honest, from the bottom of my heart, I haven’t thought about getting there (married),” said Boy.

“In the end, what do you do with the divorce? It was my fault too, because I was gasping at the time, why did I want to get married and so on, so the news was everywhere. But I’m human too, have feelings of doubt or something. I feel like I did the right thing. Rather than being forced, I prefer to just resign,” he continued.

Boy William also admitted that he did not want to force himself to get married. He also mentions that many things are not working properly. So, Boy and Karen agreed to cancel the wedding.

“I met this girl and I fell in love with her. And we both thought like, ‘hey, let’s get married.’ But over time, just like many relationships out there, some things just don’t work out. maybe it can’t be compromised between the two parties. And sadly we have to cancel our marriage, “explained Boy William.

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