Type-X Promises New Album With A Different Concept


The SKA group from Jakarta, Type-X, made an impressive appearance at the music festival Prost Fest 2022 which was held at Mertasari Beach, Sanur, Bali, on Saturday, August 13. At the backstage, Trenso Riadi, the vocalist of Type-X, expressed their desire to release a new album soon.

Type-X itself has not released a new album in a very long time. The last time they released Seven was in 2012. Trenso revealed that the release of their latest album Type-X was hampered by the pandemic.

“Actually we wanted to release a new album in 2020, celebrating 25 years of Type-X. But turned out we released singles first,” said Tresno.

Tresno confirmed that the material for the new Type-X album had actually been completed. They are waiting for the right moment to release it. Moreover, Type-X wants to “pay off” the patience of their fans who have waited more than ten years for the new album.

“We really want to release a double album, in a physical release format,” continued Tresno.

Prost Fest 2022 will be held for two days, on August 13 and 14. Several bands and musicians performing at this music festival include Noah, Slank, Kahitna, Shaggydog, Superman Is Dead, Bara Suara, The Panturas, Manja, The Dare, Sundancer, Judika, Andmesh, RAN, and Ndarboy Genk.

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