Can You Use Olive Oil as Sex Lubricant?

Olive oil is known as an ingredient for cooking and skin care. However, olive oil is said to be used as a lubricant for sex because it is soft and slippery. So, is it safe for sex lubricants?

Can You Use Olive Oil for Love Lubrication?

You need to understand, naturally the vagina has produced a lubricating fluid that helps men penetrate. This lubricating fluid will reduce friction between the penis and the vaginal opening.

If the penetration process goes smoothly, it will give pleasure to both partners because sex goes better and is more satisfying.

Although the vagina can produce lubricating fluid on its own, there are times when a partner needs additional lubricating fluid. This fluid is needed to help women who have difficulty producing lubricant or to increase the pleasure of making love.

Olive oil is one of the fluids that are said to be used as a lubricant for sexual intercourse. This is because olive oil is considered to have benefits to help increase sexual satisfaction.

These benefits include overcoming vaginal dryness, feeling softer and smoother, oral sex lubricant, and the effect is long-lasting.

However, the use of olive oil is not recommended as a lubricant for sex. This is because there are a number of risks that adversely affect the health of intimate organs, especially in women who have sensitive vaginas.

Even so, it is technically possible to use olive oil as a natural lubricant as long as it’s not too frequent and doesn’t have sex problems.

If possible, you should look for better alternatives such as water-based lubricants or high-quality silicone, so that they are safe to use for you and your partner.

The Dangers of Olive Oil for Sex Lubricant

Because olive oil is actually used for external skin care as well as food, there are several risks when used as a lubricant, including:

  • Damaging latex condoms . As mentioned earlier, olive oil will slowly erode the latex material and possibly tear the condom.
  • Pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases . A torn condom puts you at higher risk of an unwanted pregnancy. In addition, there is a high risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) if you change partners frequently.
  • Allergies . Some women can’t stand olive oil when used as a lubricant. Some women often experience itching due to allergies. Although this possibility is quite small, you should still be careful.
  • Itching and acne . Olive oil is very difficult to absorb by the skin, even causing additional effects such as itching to the appearance of pimples around the genitals.
  • Fungal infection . The use of this oil can also increase the risk of yeast or yeast infections in women. This condition can interfere with the sexual and reproductive functions of women.

Safe Tips for Using Olive Oil Lubricants

If you are forced to use olive oil for sex because there are no other lubricants, or just to try it for sexual pleasure, consider the following points:

  • Make sure that sexual activity does not put you at risk of transmitting sexually transmitted diseases or causing pregnancy if you are controlling it.
  • Olive oil is difficult to clean, so clean it properly immediately after sex to reduce the chance of infection or acne around the genitals.
  • Only apply on the outside of the vagina and do not get into the inside of the vagina.
  • Use 100 percent pure olive oil to avoid additives such as additives that can interfere with health.
  • Make sure to use unexpired olive oil. For that, check the date on the back of the package.

Well, now you know that the use of olive oil is not recommended for lubricating sex. Hopefully the reviews above are useful, healthy friends!

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