Getting to know premature aging of the skin, its causes and how to deal with it

Getting older is a natural thing. However, the premature aging process can occur before old age. Various factors such as exposure to radiation, the sun, to an unhealthy lifestyle make skin age prematurely.

Doctor and Co Founder About You, dr. Feidriwan, M. Biomed (AAM) said that aging is something that definitely happens but the process can be slowed down. According to dr. Feidriwan explained that there are several causes of aging.

"The aging process is multifactorial that can be influenced by many things," he told reporters recently.

Signs of Premature Aging

Everyone will experience the aging process or often known as aging. The aging process can be slowed down.

Signs of aging that commonly appear on the skin such as wrinkled skin, loss of elasticity, black spots or marks on the face, dryness, dullness, to no glow. Starting from the age of 25 years and over, the skin will go through the aging process and in terms of hormones will change.

The thickness of the skin will decrease marked by the thinning of the dermis and epidermis layers. This makes the water content that should be held in the dermis area easier to come out to the surface of the skin, causing the skin to be drier.

Factors Causing Premature Aging

Factors that cause aging include free radicals due to sunlight and pollution, smoking habits, drinking alcohol, consumption of foods and drinks high in sugar, lack of drinking, lack of exercise, staying up late, and stress. In the aging process, there is a decrease in hyaluronic acid levels where the function of hyaluronic acid is to moisturize the skin and help stimulate the growth of collagen to tighten the skin.

Naturally, in our bodies there are enzymes that function to destroy hyaluronic acid in the body which we call hyaluronidase enzymes. With age, hyaluronic acid levels and hyaluronidase enzyme levels are inversely proportional, where hyaluronic acid levels decrease while hyaluronidase enzyme levels increase.

"That's what causes adult skin to tend to be dry, dull and require treatment products that can nourish and restore skin elasticity and elasticity," he said.

According to dr. Fei, everyone should have the mindset to accept and take the aging process as normal. This perspective will make everyone more loving and accepting the aging process as a positive thing.

How to fix it

Premature aging can be overcome by using skincare or facial care products that can accompany it to reduce signs of premature aging. Serums in skincare that are made from natural, safe, and clinically tested can be a long-term investment in your beloved skin care.

Serum is a facial care product that absorbs the fastest into the skin, because it contains active ingredients that are formulated according to skin problems. The serum is effectively used twice in the morning and at night, and the results can be seen from the second to the fourth week after regular use.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co Founder About You, Keysa Delfi said that every human being is born with unique potential and develops with different stories. Likewise, the journey of skin health becomes more complex with age.

"So, there is no need to be afraid of aging," said Kesya.

The various serums selected must be tailored to the needs of each skin. For example, a serum containing sturgeon fish egg extract or known as caviar and bearberry plant extract, Alpha Arbutin as much as two percent in it.

Caviar extract has been clinically proven to be able to prevent skin aging and increase collagen production in the skin. This extract also reduces signs of aging after 7 weeks of regular use and is 5 times more effective at reducing fine lines and signs of aging.

Meanwhile, Alpha Arbutin is able to make facial skin look brighter and can reduce pigmentation on the face. Or there are other ingredients that can reduce premature aging, namely Niacinamide and cherry blossom extract.

Cherry blossom extract is anti-inflammatory, making it suitable for relieving irritated or acne-prone skin, nourishing the skin until it feels smooth even from the first use. Niacinamide is a raw material that is able to overcome almost all skin problems.

The goal has many benefits such as brightening, overcoming acne and excess oil production. This content is also able to disguise black spots and can hydrate the skin optimally.

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