Is it really a mistake to rub your skin after being sprayed with perfume?

Those who spray perfume on one part of the skin and then rub it are actually in order to produce an experience of getting a certain layer of aroma that is in a perfume, according to Head of Marketing Alchemist Reina Triswan, quoted from ANTARA .

"That's preference. However, what makes the experience different from rubbing, is that the fragrance layer can come out faster with the end notes at the beginning," he said in the Media Preview "Alchemist Out West, Extrait de Parfum" in Jakarta, Monday. (10/10).

According to Reina, as a fragrance lover, sometimes someone wants to know the various changes in fragrance that can appear when a new perfume is sprayed, five minutes after or up to an hour later.

"With that rubbing, making a fragrance that should come an hour later, appears now," he said.

Meanwhile, French perfume expert Francis Kurkdjian does not recommend rubbing the parts of their body that have been sprayed with perfume, such as both wrists.

According to him, as broadcast by Vogue some time ago, the friction created by rubbing can heat the skin which produces natural enzymes and changes the direction of the scent. He said the top and middle layers were the most affected.

To make sure the perfume lasts longer on the skin, she advises people who spray perfume on both wrists to let the liquid soak in, without doing anything to the wrist afterwards.

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