Not Only Women, Skincare Trends Are Also Popular Among Men


Who says skin beauty is only for women? The proof is the current era, some men also visit beauty clinics to maintain healthy skin. These beauty and skincare trends have even remained in demand during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This was revealed by the Association of Companies and Cosmetics Associations (PPAK) Solihin Sofian at the Indo Beauty Expo-K Beauty Expo Indonesia and IndoHealthcare & INA Shop Expo 2022 which were held online from 25-27 August 2022 at the Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO), Kemayoran, Jakarta. According to him, skincare and haircare trends are still in demand during the pandemic because everyone even though they are at home still looks attractive in front of the camera for virtual meetings.

“The trend of skincare and cosmetics during the pandemic has not decreased. Because during the pandemic, mothers even at home also dress up beautifully for their husbands. The man must also dress himself up in order to look good in front of the zoom meeting,” he said in his speech, Thursday (25/8).

The CEO of Krista Exhibitions, Daud D Salim, said the same thing, explaining that this exhibition is expected to encourage the growth of the beauty industry sector. Based on BPS, cosmetics, which are included in the chemical, pharmaceutical and traditional medicine sectors grew 9.61 percent last year, the need for the cosmetic industry continues to increase.

BPOM noted this increase can be seen from the increasing number of Cosmetic Industry companies which last year amounted to 819 industries to 913 industries (July, 2022) or an increase of 20.6 percent. The increase is dominated by SMEs (83 percent) so it is hoped that through this exhibition it can help support further growth in 2022 and become a promotional event for new players in the cosmetic industry.

“Men need skincare and hair care right now. Especially now that activities are normal and endemic. And Indonesia has natural ingredients that are good for skin beauty,” said Daud.

Krista Exhibitions again held the Indo Beauty Expo-K Beauty Expo Indonesia and IndoHealthcare & INA Shop Expo 2022 exhibitions which will be held offline. This exhibition was held for three days and was attended by 120 companies with 30 companies including SMEs. The participants who joined featured various categories of products and equipment in the field of beauty and health globally.

Starting from skin care, make up, hair care, spa and wellness, pharmacy and medicine, traditional medicine, various production machines and product packaging, to aesthetics. The Indo Beauty Expo-K Beauty & Indo Healthcare Expo 2022 exhibition, which has been held for the 12th time, was held offline so that visitors could meet face-to-face with B2B and find solutions related to business needs. The Indo Beauty Expo and K Beauty & Indo Healthcare Expo 2022 exhibitions are held in conjunction with INA Shop Expo 2022, which is the 5th International Exhibition for Retail Equipment & Technology.

This exhibition was held in collaboration with several associations such as the Indonesian Retail Entrepreneurs Association (Aprindo), the Association of Companies and Cosmetics Association (PPAK), the Association of Medical and Laboratory Equipment Companies (Gakeslab), the Association of Indonesian Herbal and Traditional Medicine Entrepreneurs (GP Jamu). In addition, this exhibition also received support from the central government such as the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia, the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Ministry of Industry, and the Ministry of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises.

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