Psychologist: Parents Need to Understand Digital Parenting


Chairman of the Association of Clinical Psychologists (GPA) Dr. Indria Laksmi Gamayanti., MSi., a psychologist said that it is important for parents to know, understand, and practice parenting in the digital era (digital parenting), quoted from ANTARA .

“The speed and ease of accessing information and digital content requires supervision and limits so that children avoid negative psychological and mental impacts through digital technology, especially those related to gadget addiction,” said Indria in a press statement, Monday (15/8).

“For this reason, education related to parenting in the digital era is very important for the realization of digital literacy in various ages, which in turn has a positive impact on the growth and development of children who are healthy, happy, and able to socialize in the surrounding environment,” he added.

Furthermore, Indria explained that there are at least four strategies that parents need to pay attention to in implementing digital parenting today.

First, is the introduction of technology to children according to their needs. Indria said, every child has a different tendency of interest in technology products. There are those who really like, just like, or even don’t really like technological tools.

“This level of preference becomes the basis for determining what kind of content we should serve to children. The main factor that must be considered is the age of the child and his needs. Different ages, different preferences and needs for access to technology, “said Indria.

Next, is balancing the use of devices. Parents can agree on screen time for children and equip them with knowledge about using technology wisely.

“Occasionally accompanying children when they access the internet is also important, because through this moment of togetherness parents can provide understanding regarding the use of technology as well as build bonds with children,” he said.

The third is to increase interactive activities. Excessive use of technology in children is often caused by a lack of interactive activities. This will cause disruption of the child’s communication pattern with the surrounding environment.

Indria said parents can make their children more active with various interactive activities such as sports, physical games and puzzles that can reduce children’s time in front of the screen.

“Parents are also advised not to use technology excessively when interacting with children,” he said.

Lastly, is to apply democratic parenting. One of the parenting styles needed in the digital era is democratic or authoritative parenting.

“This parenting style seeks to help children to be critical of the negative influences of the digital era, so that children will become more aware of the wise and responsible use of technology,” said Indria.

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