Skin or Clothes, Which Should Be Sprayed with Perfume?

Head of Marketing Alchemist Reina Triswan advised people to spray perfume directly on their skin instead of clothes, quoted from ANTARA .

“It’s better to spray the skin directly because the skin has a property that absorbs oil. So he can last longer,” he said in Jakarta, Monday (10/10).

But, according to him, it’s actually not a mistake if someone wants to spray perfume on his clothes. Reina says, sometimes people do.

“Only, with liquid (perfume) with a thick color, it is better to be careful because it can leave stains,” said Reina.

He then gave tips to make the perfume last longer on the skin. First of all, according to him, someone should make sure the area to be sprayed with perfume, such as the wrist, is damp.

“Make sure the skin is moist first and try to keep it moist, not with a lotion that has a scent, it will collide with the smell of the perfume. It’s better to use petroleum jelly, or a moisturizer that doesn’t have a scent,” said Reina.

Then, try not to mix perfume with other scents. For example, on clothes that have been sprayed with other perfumes before.

According to Reina, besides the smell will be different, there is also the possibility that the new perfume will not last long and the scent sensation from a bottle of specific perfume will not feel like it should.

Finally, you should spray perfume approximately 10 cm from the body or media that you want to spray.

“Because there could be marks stuck to the clothes if they are far away, maybe a little less or can avoid stains,” suggested Reina.

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