Tips for using perfume to make it last longer, spray at this point

In order to stay fragrant and fresh throughout the day, wearing perfume can make a person confident. In order for perfume to last longer, there is a special trick how to wear it at certain points.

In the description of the Alchemist perfume label with the creation of Out West, a number of points of the body that are sprayed with perfume will make the perfume last long. Starting with choosing a perfume that contains an extrait de parfum formula consisting of a 40 percent perfume concentrate.

"So it is more intense and durable so it is suitable for use for long activities," said Reina Triswan from Alchemist, Friday (14/10).

Try spraying it on the pulse points to make the perfume last longer. "Such as wrists, behind the ears, inner elbows and collarbones to make the scent stand out more," the statement added.

It is recommended to choose a perfume with a natural scent to make it softer. For example, the Extrait de Parfum type with a dark red color, reflects an intense fragrance that is suitable for use by anyone in various busy daily activities.

The scent of perfume with a serene natural life can give the aroma of serenity close to nature. The goal is to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city through an aromatic experience.

Natural fragrance perfumes can give a warm, earthy, tranquil feel. And its users can be used by both men and women.

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