Welcome October, These 3 Zodiac Signs Are Unlucky, Experience Difficult Times

Welcome October! Although we hope that the beginning of this month will be a good month, it turns out that not everyone gets lucky.

When it comes to career and romance as well as finances, a number of zodiac signs are having a tough time in October. Based on astrology, quoted from StyleCaster , Saturday (1/10), the following zodiac signs are experiencing difficult and bad times this month. However, keep the spirit and believe all problems will be solved.[1]https://stylecaster.com/zodiac-signs-worst-week-september-26-2022/


Aries is having a tough time with their partner this October. It's a bit difficult to maintain harmony. Easier said than done. Everything that happened was so fiery. Continue to try to do everything in your power to maintain harmony in your relationship.

Evaluate each other's attitude and hold ego. If something is wrong, reflect on what you hold, and try to prove it. With time and patience, you will soon find the clarity you seek.


Cancer is overworked. Be gentle with yourself. This week will start with difficulties in terms of career. Cancer lacks a balance between personal and professional life.

This is especially true for those of you who work from home. This month can be a busier and more chaotic time. The same goes for the mind, body, and soul. This month is indeed the time to swipe and spend money.


Aquarius face problems with family and friends. All against your decision and make Aquarius uncomfortable.

Honesty is the best policy that sounds cliché, so communicate honestly and stay away from fraudulent businesses. So that the support of family and friends will come when you open up.

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