What is the ruling on wearing a cowhide and crocodile leather bag? This is LPPOM MUI's answer

When looking at various collections of bags, women are generally so excited to have them. Various latest models to branded luxury and expensive, are still bought because it is part of a lifestyle and hobby. Most of the bags are made from animal skins such as cowhide and crocodile.

How is the law in terms of Islamic law or the religion of Islam? Can we wear bags made of animal skins?

To JawaPos.com, the Corporate Secretary Manager of the Institute for the Study of Food, Drugs, and Cosmetics, the Indonesian Ulema Council or the so-called LPPOM MUI, Raafqi Ranasasmita, explained that since 2019, the government has begun to enact Law Number 33 of 2014 concerning Guaranteed Halal Products. Used goods are included in products that must be certified halal according to the law, including: In this case, the bag is included in the intended use group.

The Fatwa of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Number 56 of 2014 concerning Tanning of Animal Skins and Its Utilization states that the skin of animal carcasses, both animals that are ma'kul al-lahm (the meat can be eaten) and those that are ghair ma'kul al-lahm (the meat is not allowed to be eaten) eaten) is unclean. However, it can become pure after being tanned, except for dogs, pigs, and those born from both or one of them.

"Using the skin of the tanned animal carcass for goods is legally permissible," he said recently.

From the fatwa, it can be concluded that cow or crocodile skin can be used to make goods. So it's okay for women to collect more bags even from animal skins.

"Such as bags, wallets, shoes, jackets, and so on, can be used after going through the tanning process," he said.

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