Why cooking every weekend can make you closer to children


To get closer to children and make them like your friends, parents must do various ways. One of them is through the hobby of cooking and is done with the children, especially on a regular basis like every weekend.

Entering the transition period from the pandemic, family routines for work and school have now returned to normal. So the hectic schedule and daily routine also give limitations in creating quality time with family. The only opportunity that can be optimized is to take advantage of the weekend.

Cooking together makes family togetherness on the weekend more meaningful. Consider the choice of dish creations like the use melted cheese which may gives a savory taste that children are enthusiastic at.

“Weekends are the right moment to replace lost family time together due to busyness and daily routines,” said Dian Ramadianti from Mondelez Indonesia in a webinar with KRAFT Quick Melt, Monday (8/8).[1]https://infobrand.id/mondelez-tawarkan-menu-spesial-keluarga-lewat-kraft-quick-melt.phtml

The benefits of cooking with children

More about family togetherness on weekends, as said by Child and Family Psychologist Vera Itabiliana. Family is a source of inspiration and happiness for children, so quality time with family will greatly affect their growth and development process. Therefore, the use of time on weekends needs to be optimized.

“There are many benefits that can be achieved by all family members through cooking together on the weekends, ranging from building closeness, independence, collaboration skills, self-confidence to children’s creativity,” explained Vera.

Even though it seems easy, it turns out that there are still many mothers who feel less confident about involving their children in cooking activities together. The reasons are varied.

“Starting from being confused with the same menu, children feel less enthusiastic in the kitchen to the fear of failing to try new recipes,” said Vera.

The benefits of cooking with children have been proven by Ayudia C as a Mom Influencer. He explained that even though he sometimes felt less confident, he usually always looked for ways to get the kids involved in cooking together.

“Fail-proof creations with cheese can make it easier for mothers at home to experiment with cooking with their children, moreover, we can apply them to simple dishes with only ingredients you have at home. So that makes us closer and bonding with children,” concluded Ayudia.

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