120 Years Celebration of Bung Hatta Raises Up the Contribution of His Thoughts and Struggles for Indonesia


The Indonesian Islamic Documentation Center (Pusdok) Tamaddun on Friday (12/8/2022) night held a webinar on the 120th Anniversary of the Proclaimer of the Republic of Indonesia and First Vice President Mohammad Hatta who was born on August 12, 1902.

Bung Hatta’s old works to the Indonesian public, especially the younger generation,” said the founder of Pusdok Tamaddun Hadi Nur Ramadhan. Saturday (13/8/2022).

On that occasion, Halida Hatta remembered her father as a person who loved Indonesia very much. Bung Hatta is also a person who is persistent, simple, and has integrity.

“Bung Hatta’s integrity is something that can’t be doubted. Bung Hatta doesn’t have to preach much about simplicity, integrity, and hard work because he has set an example,” Halidah said.

Halidah admitted that she was very proud that Bung Hatta’s services, struggles, and thoughts were still being remembered by the younger generation of Indonesia.

Hadi Nur Ramadhan said that Bung Hatta’s very big role was to shape the identity of the Indonesian nation. Since in the Netherlands, said Hadi, Bung Hatta and his friends in the Netherlands formed the Indonesian Association (PI) to accelerate the independence of the Indonesian nation.

“But unfortunately at the age of the Republic of Indonesia, which is 77 years old, Bung Hatta’s name and traces are increasingly lost in the memory of the Indonesian people,” said Hadi. “Therefore, the Tamaddun Indonesian Islamic Documentation Center held a Discussion on Bung Hatta’s 120 Years and an Exhibition of Bung Hatta’s old works,” he added.

Present in this activity, the Governor of West Sumatra Mahyeldi Ansharullah who also opened this event. The governor, who is familiarly called Buya Mahyeldi, said that the younger generation now has an important role to play in continuing to study Bung Hatta’s thoughts and continue all his hard work in developing Indonesia.

“If Bung Hatta was still alive, now he is 120 years old, of course the task of the Indonesian generation is to continue the spirit, ideals and ideals of Bung Hatta’s struggle in maintaining the sovereignty of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia,” he said.

Mahyeldi also appreciated the event initiated by Pusdok Tamaddun and promised to work together in conveying Bung Hatta’s great ideas to various parts of Indonesia. “Bung Hatta’s spirit must not be extinguished in the hearts of Indonesia’s young generation,” said Mahyeldi to the participants.

“The Free-Active Politics that was spawned by Bung Hatta became the basis of Indonesia’s foreign policy. Hatta did not want Indonesia to be dragged into the interests of America and the Soviet Union. Being free and active does not mean neutral, but independent and actively pursuing world peace,” said Pizaro.

Even, continued Pizaro, he also firmly conveyed that the ideology of communism is contrary to Pancasila. Because, communism teaches to reject religion, while Pancasila relies on the Almighty God.

“For Hatta, Pancasila can not only be said on the lips, but also must be realized in reality,” said Pizaro.

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