Mysterious Pneumonia, Epidemiologist: The World’s Situation Is Increasingly Vulnerable


Three Argentines have died from pneumonia of unknown origin. Argentine health authorities are currently investigating the matter.

Responding to this, Griffith University Epidemiologist Dicky Budiman said that the current world situation is increasingly vulnerable. Therefore, loosening the rules needs to be done very carefully.

“The point is that in the midst of an increasingly vulnerable world situation, easing must be carried out very carefully and measured,” he told our reporter, Saturday (3/9/2022).

Dicky emphasized the need to protect public health. One way that can be done is by implementing clean and healthy living behaviors and carrying out health protocols by wearing masks, washing hands and reducing activities in the crowd.

“Why do masks still have to be applied, because these efforts are effective, cheap and easy. Surveillance must also be increased, as well as vaccines and boosters. This must be done in addition to clean and healthy living behavior,” he explained again.

Including, on changes in environmental and animal aspects. Currently, said Dicky, the situation is indeed getting better, but it is still not safe to carry out activities like before the pandemic.

Earlier, Argentine Health Minister Tucuman Luis Medina Ruiz said nine people in the northwestern province of Tucuman had been infected by the mysterious respiratory disease. Including eight medical staff at the same private clinic, and three have died since Monday (29/8/2022).

Of the three victims who died, two of them had been treated at the hospital, while the other was undergoing treatment at home. Ruiz said the victims had severe respiratory conditions with bilateral pneumonia.

“It’s very similar to Covid,” he said.

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