Aipda HR Striker The Wall of Police Station Recovers His Soul

The Luwu Police Chief, AKBP Arisandi, stated that Aipda HR was taken to the Dadi Regional Special Hospital for Mental Rehabilitation. As is known, Aipda HR wrote off the wall of the Polres office in Luwu Regency, South Sulawesi.

"We are not like this because we don't agree with the article, we continue to send it here, not because of that. It's for the sake of improving his (mental) condition," said AKBP Arisandi, in Makassar, Tuesday (18/10).

When asked whether the scribbles on a number of walls of the Luwu Police Office and on the police patrol car with the words 'Sarang Extortion' and 'Sarang Corruption' written by HR are a form of disappointment with the institution, the Chief of Police said that he could not conclude.

“If the problem is whether the writing is true or not, once again we are open. I don't know, that's why we have to cross-check the truth. But, once again, if it really happened, I will definitely correct it,” said Arisandi.

Regarding the statement, whether the trigger from inside HR's heart was then vented to the Polres wall, this middle-ranking Polri officer stated that he did not know for sure. Because it is still under treatment by a psychiatrist.

"I don't know, it's a trigger. That's what the doctor can explain, what is the trigger. But, regardless of whether the writing is true or not, we Luwu Police are open to it. If there is a service that does not fit, does not comply with the provisions, we are open to it," he emphasized.

According to him, HR's personality is good, although previously while in guard he had beaten his friend and then transferred to the Medical and Health Affairs section of the Resort Police. This is done in order to have time, without the pressure to rest.

HR is said to have served as head of the local Police Corruption Crime Unit, and had received an award. Related to this, the Police Chief stated that he only knew about the award from his colleagues.

"It used to be like that, I haven't seen the award either. However, based on the stories of his friends, it does (there are). But there are stories from their friends, the peak was when their parents died during Covid-19, if I'm not mistaken the father, "he said.

From that starting point after losing his parents, he said, he may have started to get depressed because he was very close to his parents. The incident of crossing the Polres wall took place quickly, even though there was a guard, because the police could enter from any door.

Previously, the Head of the South Sulawesi Regional Police, Inspector General of Police Nana Sudjana, visited HR at Dadi Hospital. From the medical record in 2021, he has received several psychiatric treatments and the last time he was treated at the Batara Guru Hospital on 16-22 February 2022. The results of the HR examination were diagnosed as acute psychotic.

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