Anies Shares that Japanese Citizens Are More Comfortable Riding Angkots and Buses in Jakarta


DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan during a working visit to Tokyo, Japan shared stories about the recognition of Japanese citizens who feel comfortable using city transportation (angkot) and buses in Jakarta at this time.

Anies through his Instagram account on Sunday (14/8/2022), wrote that the confession was obtained from the comments of several participants in three scientific seminars on Jakarta in Japan, twice in Tokyo and once in Hiroshima, which was held by The Sasakawa Peace Foundation.

According to Anies, during the seminar in Tokyo, Jakarta received comments from Japanese people who had visited Jakarta in 2021 and 2022 who told how comfortable it was to use public transportation and to be able to walk through Jakarta on foot.

“There are even those who tell about their experience of riding an angkot in Jakarta. Now it feels very comfortable. If they talk about the convenience of taking the MRT then it’s not something unique. gratitude,” said Anies.

In fact, said Anies, many topics were discussed during the seminar, ranging from transportation, health, education, economy, democracy, to UMP issues.

They are indeed quite detailed and painstaking in monitoring Jakarta and Indonesia. “Interestingly, some even say that Japan should learn from Indonesia about speed for learning and unlearning, so that it can be faster in anticipating changes,” Anies wrote.

The seminars, said Anies, were held because the Japanese people paid great attention to the development of the city of Jakarta.

Anies detailed three seminars organized by The Sasakawa Peace Foundation, the first for academics and journalists who have research and studies related to Indonesia and Southeast Asia.

The second seminar is for business circles and the general public who have business activities and interests in Indonesia. And the third seminar, Sasakawa in collaboration with Hiroshima University held lectures for students.

“The exchange of ideas that occurred during the seminars was not solely from people who were representing Jakarta in front of Japan, but this was a conversation as fellow citizens of the world who learned from each other and shared experiences. We are fellow citizens of the world and both have responsibilities. to prepare,” said Anies.

Previously, DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan visited Tokyo City Hall, Japan to meet with Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koieke.

When he arrived at the Tokyo City Hall, Anies admitted that a staff member of the Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike asked for a group photo while carrying a printed photo together five years ago.

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