Bamus Papua Calls the State To Not Lose Against Lukas Enembe

The chairman of the Papuan Deliberative Body (Bamus), Frans Ansanay, urged the government to take a firm stand against Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe. The reason is that Luke is still absent from the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) investigation.

“Lukas Enembe’s wish to be investigated under customary law is contrary to Papuan ancestral traditions and can have fatal consequences for himself,” Frans told reporters, Saturday (22/10).

“Frans asked Lukas to go through any legal stages properly. If not, the government can take firm steps against the person concerned,” he added.

Meanwhile, observer of politics and strategic issues, Imron Cotan, said that Lukas’ request that he be prosecuted was deemed deviant. The request also does not have any legal basis.

“The land of Papua is an integral territory of NKRI. People who are swayed by the idea that Papua is not a Dutch colony along with other regions, are basically delusional, because there is also no legal document that states this, continued Imron. The UN, through Resolution No.: 2504/1969, has also confirmed Papua as part of the NKRI,” said Imron.

It is known that the KPK has not yet wanted to forcefully pick up Papuan Governor Lukas Enembe, even though he has been absent from the investigation team twice. Anti-corruption agencies consider safety aspects in carrying out every action.

“So the second call has consequences, right? When he doesn’t come, there must be a presence by force and we know what the conditions are like there. So we must also look at not only law enforcement, but law enforcement must also pay attention to the safety of the people,” said Deputy Chair of the KPK Alexander Marwata, Sunday (16/10).

Alex said that so far his party is still looking at the conditions regarding the possibility of a forced pick-up. He said his party was still monitoring the matter of conduciveness in Papua.

The KPK has summoned Lukas Enembe to be questioned as a suspect at the KPK Red and White Building, Jakarta, Monday, September 26, 2022. However, he did not answer the call citing illness.

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