Being a Victim of Persecution, Aida Zaskia Makes a Report to the Police

Singer Aida Saskia went to the Central Jakarta Metro Police to make a police report regarding the alleged abuse case she experienced. The report is registered with the number LP/B/2417/X/2022/POLRES METROPOLITAN JAKPUS/POLDA METRO JAYA.

Aida Saskia reported a person named Putri Echa in the aftermath of a case of alleged abuse that Putri allegedly committed against her. He reported under Article 351 of the Criminal Code. Aida Saskia completes her report with proof of the results of the post-mortem.

“There are many bruises, it hurts a little until there is a lump on the head. Then there was a tear under the lip and inside, bleeding profusely on the lips and head," said Aida Saskia at the Central Jakarta Metro Police.

According to Aida, she was angered by the reported party because she suspected that the changes that had occurred to the reported husband were due to his close relationship with Aida Saskia. The singer, who suffers from breast cancer and bipolar disorder, has firmly denied the accusations.

"I'm the one who asked to fix the relationship. He (reported) is actually a friend. But if I get angry, I don't report to the police. It happened in Central Jakarta in the Salemba area," he said.

Aida Saskia deeply regrets that she, who is struggling with her illness, has become a victim of persecution. He made a police report for the purpose of seeking legal protection so that similar cases do not happen again.

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