BSI University Collaborates with MotionPay to Facilitate Tuition Payments


Bina Sarana Informatika University (BSI) signed a cooperation agreement with MotionPay on Wednesday (7/9/2022) at the MNC Finance Center Building. With this collaboration, BSI University as a Creative Digital Campus will present tuition payment services with an easier non-cash method to students.

To note, MotionPay is a mobile banking application as a solution for the needs of the community by uniting various MNC Bank applications and other banking features (Integrated Banking Solution) in the form of an application that is easily accessible and full of excellent features.

Director of MNC Finance Service who also serves as Managing Director of MotionPay Jessica Tanoesoedibdjo hopes that this collaboration will be well and smoothly established. "Hopefully this will be a solution for paying student tuition without having to create or have a bank account. Meanwhile, we will continue to present various other features to help make it easier for students," said Jessica after the signing.

The builder of the BSI Foundation, Herman Pratikto, who was also present at the signing, said that this collaboration would provide convenience to BSI University students. "BSI University already uses Electronic-KTM (Student Identity Card). Later through this collaboration, BSI University's E-KTM will be integrated with MotionPay to make it easier for students to make tuition payments. In addition, students can also use the integrated E-KTM This is for bill payments and non-cash payments at other merchants," said Herman.

Herman said that based on an internal study of students, around 80% of students still do not have a bank account. Most of them pay for college using their parents' accounts, so BSI University cooperates with several banks and merchants for tuition payments.

He hopes that the collaboration between BSI University and MotionPay can provide a solution to make it easier for students to make tuition payments. In addition, this service is not only for students but also for staff.

"In addition to students, MotionPay will also be integrated with staff accounts. Usually we use other e-wallets to provide holiday allowances. However, after this collaboration, THR will be given through MotionPay," said Herman.

Jessica is also happy with MotionPay's collaboration with BSI University in the education industry. "We are happy to collaborate with BSI University where we offer all financial services to students and the academic community at BSI University. Especially for students who may not have a bank account, it can be easier to make payments," he concluded.

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