Caught in Action, Motorcycle Thief in Klapanunggal Bogor Got Beaten by Residents


A motorcycle thief was beaten by a mob after being caught by residents in Klapanunggal District, Bogor Regency. The suspect has been arrested and is undergoing treatment at the hospital.

From the video received by our reporter, it can be seen that several residents were swarming the man with their hands tied. Residents also threw punches and kicks at the man.

The Klapanunggal police chief, AKP Azi Lesmana, said the man was identified with the initials R (30 years). R is a motorcycle thief whose actions were caught by local residents.

“It’s true (the motorcycle thief was caught by residents), now the perpetrator has been secured and is being treated in Kramatjati,” Azi said confirmed on Tuesday (23/8/2022) night.

Azi said the theft took place on Tuesday (23/8). The perpetrators wanted to steal a motorbike that was parked in front of a local shop.

“The perpetrator tried to take the motorbike by breaking the ignition using a T key, then his action was thwarted. (His motorbike) was parked in front of the shop,” he said.

Azi said that some of the evidence also secured by the police were three T letter keys, two motorbike keys, one L key, and one screwdriver. The case is still under further investigation by the police.

“No weapons, only T keys,” he said.

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