Democrat Reveals Jokowi’s Envoy Had Met Lukas Enembe

Chairman of the Election Winning Body (Bappilu) of the Democratic Party, Andi Arief, revealed that there was an envoy of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) who had met with Papua Governor Lukas Enembe before he was named a suspect in a corruption case by the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK). This is in order to place Paulus Waterpauw as the vacant Deputy Governor of Papua.

The threat to Pak LE (Lukas Enembe) and the candidate for deputy governor Yunus Wonda emerged after Pak LE rejected General Waterpauw’s proposal by Pak Jokowi, because Waterpauw could not get party support despite President Jokowi’s wishes, ” Andi Arief said on his Twitter account, quoted on Friday. (23/9).

Jokowi’s envoy, said Andi, also lobbied the Democratic Party so that Jokowi’s deputy would fill the vacancy. Andi did not reveal in detail when Jokowi’s envoy met Lukas Enembe and the Democratic Party.

We will continue to assist the KPK as long as it is purely law enforcement. Democrats are aware that we are the party that is most supportive and consistent in eradicating corruption, ” said Andi.

Furthermore, Andi Arief said that the Democratic Party had observed many demands for the dismissal of Lukas Enembe from the Democratic Party.

We are considering many things, including the issue of national security, once again we are trying to talk directly to the person concerned, talking is not normal, walking is weak, ” concluded Andi.

It is known, Lukas Enembe has been named a KPK suspect. The anti-corruption agency will conduct an examination of Luke on Monday.

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