Diversity as a Characteristic of Indonesian Independence


Indonesia is a nation with a diversity of cultures, nations, languages, skin colors and religions. The diversity and differences then become one container in Negara Kesatuan Republik Indonesia (NKRI).

Indonesia has now entered the age of 77 years. Of course, the task of the Indonesian people is increasingly difficult to maintain diversity from the threats of other ideologies, especially in the midst of the digital era.

The Public Broadcasting Institution (LPP RRI) held a Talkshow on the Home Archipelago, Monday (22/8/2022). The theme was “Diversity as a Characteristic of Indonesian Independence”.

The youngest daughter of Mohammad Hatta, Halida Nuria Hatta, assessed that Pancasila became Indonesia’s strength when deviations occurred. She also revealed that Pancasila is the straight path because Indonesia has divine precepts.

“Pancasila, Bung Hatta said, when there is a deviation, there is a magical power that controls it. Various turbulences with the existence of Pancasila make us rise again,” she said during the Home Archipelago Talkshow at RRI Jakarta.

According to her, if Indonesia’s situation is chaotic, it is as if there is a supernatural power that will automatically return to Pancasila. For that, the Indonesian people must have a sense of history, and have a sense of diversity.

Meanwhile, according to Driyarkara School of Philosophy Lecturer, Mudji Sutrisno, the cultural path is the best way to maintain diversity. The statement about the cultural path was made when he was asked whether art is part of the spirit of the Indonesian nation’s diversity.

Because what is produced from this cultural activity is able to show the diversity of Indonesia, such as the commemoration of Independence Day at the Merdeka Palace. “Yes, the cultural way is a way of caring for life, and celebrating it. In it there are arts and various cultures,” said Father Mudji, his nickname.

Father Mudji believes that if Indonesia passes through, and through this cultural road well, it will not stumble. Because, there is no wiser way than the cultural path.

“The political path without morals, we will be damaged. The economization road only brings economic values. However, the art and culture path will allow us to take care of everything,” said Father Mudji.

In line with the two sources, the Chancellor of the International Islamic University of Indonesia (UIII) Komaruddin Hidayat agreed that Pancasila has the deepest meaning. According to him, Pancasila and the ideals of independence have a vision that is in line with the future of Indonesia.

“A great nation must have a big dream imagination. This big dream should be a mandate of ideals that must be fulfilled,” he said in the Home Archipelago Talkshow: Discussing Indonesian Diversity at RRI, Jakarta, Monday (22/8/2022).

According to him, there are several things that must be realized from the mandate of the Founding Fathers. Among them, educate, prosper, to provide peace for the community.

“Pancasila is very amazing, starting from divinity. In the end it creates justice, so between Pancasila and dreams are very similar,” he said.

The talkshow also discussed the situation in Indonesia during the Covid-19 pandemic. Deputy V of the Indonesian Presidential Staff Office, Jaleswari Pramodhawardani, said the Covid-19 pandemic taught Indonesia two things.

First, mutual cooperation that appears in the country. Second, Indonesia can prove to the world with its leadership in the G20 Presidency.

“We never thought that our social capital of gotong royong would appear so powerful. And it doesn’t only belong to people who live on the island of Java,” said Jaleswari.

He gave an example like Jogo Tonggo (an innovation in eradicating Covid-19, based on a region in Central Java). According to him, regions have their own ways to deal with Covid-19.

“But that’s all the uniqueness of the region to face the Covid at the community level is extraordinary. And then at the government level solidarity does not happen between communities among communities,” he said.

“But how about the government and the community, then the DPR and others. All stakeholders are moving together on how to deal with this Covid,” he said.

In addition, Indonesia has also received world appreciation by being the number five best country in handling Covid-19. “And then not to mention achievements such as food self-sufficiency,” he said.

He also asked for the pandemic to be used as an entry point that Indonesia has something extraordinary. “It can make it a nation that is not only strong nationally. But how the world community appreciates us,” he said.

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